Changzhou universal electronic control security door free distribution of anti-theft device

Once the doors and windows are forced open, they will automatically alarm.

In 2008, the city will build a technical defense town (street) on 100% basis, and the city will make use of three years to improve the construction of the technical protection village (residential), and put the key units and complex places in the 'air defense, technical defense, and facility defense'. In place, the jurisdiction and the relevant functional departments of public security, construction, housing management, planning, transportation, and judicial affairs shall cooperate in the division of labor, and generally install basic facilities such as electronic control security doors for diaspora buildings that are of public concern. This reporter learned from the city’s three-year plan for the construction of the Harmony Peace Project on January 9th.

At present, 178 technical defense districts have been built in Xinbei, Tianning, Bell Tower and Qi District, totaling 4335 households with a total of 4335 and 134 99,000 households that have implemented property management. However, there are still 190 old districts lacking technical protection and property management, with 79,000 households. In addition, there are 127 scattered households with 12,000 households. Criminal and public security cases are significantly higher than those of newly-built communities. It is reported that the incidence rate of the old community reached 20.6%, accounting for more than 60% of the total urban crime.

Sun Guojian, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Political Science and Law Committee, pointed out that the planning and construction must clearly define the objectives and tasks, comprehensively strengthen the city’s street patrols, strengthen the construction of public security bayonet, strictly control the “three defenses” of the new district, and effectively solve the 'two grabs' and outdoor activities. Indoor theft and other criminal cases concerned by the people, at the same time, we must further improve the construction of foreign population management, social management service center and community police service room, and build Changzhou City into a safe construction highland in the whole province.

Once the door and window are forcibly opened, the alarm will automatically sound an alarm. On the morning of January 9, an installation demonstration of the police station of the North Street Public Security Branch of the Bell Tower Public Security Bureau was held. Residents of the area praised the small anti-theft device. With the Spring Festival approaching, community security has become the topic of most concern to the people. How can we help the residents to meet the Spring Festival in peace? The police station entered the Tianhuangtang Lane and Hehuachi Community in the area. 150 small anti-theft devices were distributed free of charge to the residents of the area, and more than 30 households were visited on the spot to find out the security loopholes for the residents and guide the installation and use of anti-theft devices.

【Prevention Example I】 Post Circuit Area 5 Block A Room 101 Jiang Zhenyi Old Man

Public Security Risks: Due to living on the first floor, there is a large yard behind the old people's houses. The clothes often drying in the hospital are often stolen. On one occasion, the old man had not carelessly closed the door, and the thief had actually turned into the wall and attempted to break into the door. After passing the year, the old people often worry about security at home.

Solution: The police took small anti-theft devices to the elderly. After some inspections, the police confirmed that the weakest point of Jiang’s security was the door to the yard. The police installed an anti-theft device on the door and the door frame leading to the yard. In this way, the old man no longer feared that someone had broken the door and entered.

[Prevention Example 2] Postal circuit Room 302, Unit B, Yangyuzhen

Public security risk: Yang Yuzhen lived on the third floor of the old man. The kitchen was just down the window. In addition, the residents on the second floor also set up a platform about 30 centimeters. The thieves are very likely to enter the residents' homes by climbing downspouts onto the platform.

Solution: Under the guidance of the police, the residents of this building have already applied butter to the downspouts. 'If you install anti-climbs, the effect will be better. After the civilian police watched, it was decided that Yang Yuzhen’s anti-theft device should be installed between the two windows in the kitchen. In case the thief breaks through the window, the alarm will alarm automatically.

The police reminded that the following points should be kept in mind during the holiday home security: When there is no one in the house, lock the security door and window, do not store large amounts of cash, open the passbook and ID card; open the windows at night, unlock the security door, and remove the key Loss of keys should be promptly replaced by door locks or lock cylinders; strangers claim to send their belongings on behalf of their families, may wish to verify the door and then open the door.
Release Date: 2009/1/15 9:37:07

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