China's donkey trapped in Sahara 6 days and 6 nights sent SMS to rescue domestic police

Chinese donkey trapped Sahara 6 days and 6 nights texting for help Domestic police diesel generator | Diesel generator price / 2013-01-10

The donkey trapped Sahara and saved 110
110 through 27 spring and autumn Guangdong more than 80,000 police
January 10 is the 27th day in the country. This year's theme is "Love the people, be close to the people, and serve the people, 110 is on your side." Last year, 110 alarm stations across the province received a total of 30.35 million calls for help. The average number of police calls received was more than 80,000 each day, and the total number of alarms received accounted for one-ninth of the country's total. Through 110, the police arrested more than 190,000 criminals, detected 175,000 cases, and rescued nearly 800,000 people. In addition to the traditional telephone alarms, SMS alarms, video alarms, street lamp location alarms, and online alarms have been continuously introduced. Behind the sound of more than 80,000 110 calls each day, there have been a variety of intense, moving and even absurd stories. .
Sub-Saharan Alert SMS
At 8:42 on February 10th, 2012, Liangmeng Feng, a police officer from the 110 alarm station in Shunde District of Foshan City, received a seemingly special SMS message: “I was trapped in Tunisia, Africa, and the sudden country does not accept a third country visa. There is no Chinese language barrier. Unable to contact the UN Human Rights Organization for six days and six nights. Didn't sleep, eaten cold, hungry, please help me or inform the Beijing Foreign Ministry - Lai Likun. (SMS original punctuation)
At that time, all police officers did not believe that the Shunde 110 alarm station had never received help from a foreign country since the opening of the alarm station. However, the same content of the SMS message alarms rang out in succession, causing Liang Nengfeng’s attention. The alarmist who had sent the text message learned that a reporter who was found to be a friend of Lai Likun (Shunde Ronggui people) sent a text message to them for help during their journey around the world alone. They could not contact Li Laikun’s phone and chose to forward him. SMS help. Liang Nengfeng quickly contacted the immigration department, the Foreign Affairs Bureau, the African Embassy in China, and the Chinese Embassy in Tunis in Africa to learn about Lai Likun’s entry and exit records and the situation abroad, to understand Lai Likun’s personnel information and family members, and to try to contact Lai Likun by phone. But the phone could not be connected. Liang Nengfeng had to send the alarm channel and telephone of Tunisia to Lai Likun’s mobile phone via SMS. After many efforts and the rescue of the Tunisian police, he finally rescued Lai Likun, who was trapped in the Sahara Desert in Africa for six days and six nights.
After confirming Lai Likun’s safety, Liang Nengfeng opened his phone. When he heard the familiar “Hello, Shunde 110”, Lai Likun cried on the phone. Originally, he was ready to ride a bicycle to challenge the Sahara in Africa. However, he was forced to re-enter the Sahara Desert due to visa problems. After being trapped in the Sahara Desert, the mobile phone could not be played. He was trapped for six days and used the only amount of electricity to send a message.
MLM dens call
Silent alarm phone
On March 19, 2006, Wang Ying, a 110 police station in Shaoguan City, received a silent alarm call. After the other party dialed 110, he did not speak. Only the messy sound came from the phone. Usually, similar situations are mostly harassing calls. However, Wang Ying did not hang up and listened for a while. The voice of the MLM staff attending class was vaguely heard on the phone. The other person suspected to be in a pyramid location and was not convenient to call for help.
Taking into account the monitoring of the alarming person, Wang Ying dialed the other person's phone number with her own mobile phone number, counterfeited the other's cousin, set up the dialogue skillfully, said to go to Shaoguan to find a job, obtained the location of the alarm person, and quickly ordered the police station to destroy the police. This MLM den, rescued the alarm woman.
absurd! Protection of men claims to have been robbed
At 2 o'clock on the morning of October 28th, 2012, the Xinyi police station in Xingning City, Meizhou, received an alarm call. The man on the phone said that he had been robbed by a gunman on the Xianshen Village road section in Xinyi Town. After receiving the alarm, the police quickly rushed to the scene to find the policeman Peng Mobin.
According to Peng Mobin, he rode three motorcycles on the roadside stopped with three young men and took a machetes to force him to stop when he rode his motorcycle to the road to the sounding country road on the evening of the 27th. Two robbers held guns and one of them pointed a gun at him and said, "Get out the key and wallet of the motorcycle!" After succeeding, the three robbers rode off the robbed motorcycle.
The police immediately investigated. At 5 a.m. on the 28th, the police came to the crime scene again with Peng Mobin and asked him to identify and recount the incident. Pengmou Bin said he was robbed of a motorcycle and a purse. He claimed to be working in Huizhou, but he also said that he had come back from Shenzhen where he was working. The residence permit and Shenzhen Express were all in Shenzhen; and the robber did not take away his mobile phone, but instead left him the call to call the police at the first time. . The incidents described by Peng Moubin differ greatly from those described earlier, and many localities are in conflict with each other, causing the civilian police to become suspicious.
Through a series of meticulous investigations, the police discovered that Peng Mobin had not been robbed by guns at all in the early hours of the day. In the end, Pengmou Bin admitted that he had reported a false case. The original was a farce composed by reporters seeking to protect the police from gambling debts.
urgent! Answering the alarm, some people take sleeping pills to commit suicide
On January 12, 2012, the Shenzhen 110 Alarm Center received a report from the alarmist Mr. Chen that the netizen Ren Moufang’s QQ message convinced him to commit suicide under the next box of sleeping pills. He dialed the user’s phone and enabled the call alert function. It is found that users are still online but do not reply to the information. After receiving the alarm, the command center immediately requested the network police detachment to conduct an investigation. After verification, the netizen Ren Moufang logged in to the QQ as a mobile phone and could not locate it.
The police used the core information of any name, age, household registration, etc. in the police description to screen suspected information in dozens of names in the CID integrated intelligence information analysis system. Finally, the address was: Fuyuan, Taoyuan Street, Nanshan District. No. 127, No. 404 Village. The garrison group initially analyzed the sound recordings of Ren Yue, and initially suspected that it had taken sleeping pills. The police again called him on the phone. Although the phone was noisy and the voice was extremely weak, after more than ten minutes of patient persuasion and inquiries, the sentence was judged by his address and CID's comprehensive intelligence information analysis system. The address basically matches.
The police immediately clicked on the police in the area under the jurisdiction of the area and rushed to the scene to find Renmou, and immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment. After the investigation by the police, Renmou named Ren Moufang, due to quarrel between the husband and wife to generate suicide thoughts, and has taken a bottle of sleeping pills, rescued by the hospital, Ren Moufang out of danger.
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