China-made Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle is about to put into production of a Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle network in China

With the upcoming production of the Daimler-made Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle in Fujian, Mercedes-Benz's commercial vehicle network in China has also entered the preparatory phase. Recently, the reporter learned from information sources that Mercedes-Benz plans to divide the sales network of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles into two. Daimler will establish a new sales network specifically for the sale of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles produced in Daimler, Fujian.

According to reports, after the domestic Mercedes-Benz brand commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles for the total sales of the store, the country can also sell passenger cars and commercial vehicle dealers a total of 6, Fujian Daimler Public Relations Manager Lin Yingzi said that the domestic Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles After the listing, the sales channels used were set up separately.

A car dealer in Beijing revealed that currently Daimler Fujian is developing dealers everywhere, and the dealership has received invitations from manufacturers not long ago. It is still uncertain whether the new commercial vehicle network will continue to use the existing Mercedes-Benz brand dealers.

Of the six dealers that currently sell Mercedes-Benz brand models, two are located in Beijing, namely North Star Bank and Deoda. North Star Bank Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle sales manager said that at least after the shop can continue to sell domestic Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles. In addition, as Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles are about to be made domestically, all dealers have already stopped importing commodity vehicles from import channels, and domestic models have not yet been listed. At present, Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles are in the stage of being out of stock. Fujian Daimler has said that in September it will launch its first domestic commercial vehicle, Viano, and the latest news from the reporter shows that the product promotion plan has been postponed.

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