Devin innovation weapon "trident" to escape the electric car price war

In recent years, the entire electric vehicle industry has gradually transitioned from a steady growth phase to a mature development phase. This situation has aggravated the progress of the shuffling of the electric vehicle industry market. Major manufacturers have staged a “price war” to consolidate their market share. It is worth noting that as the leading brand of the industry, Bidwin carries out innovative reforms from the three levels of product, technology, and marketing, as if it were a “trident” pointing directly to the target consumer market, and relying on this “antiquity artifact” all the way Passing through the battlefield, they successfully overcome the price battlefield of the entire electric vehicle industry.

In 2006, Bidevin took the lead in gaining insight into the "sports" trends inspired by the Olympics, and innovatively integrated the "sports" elements into his products. He revolutionized the concept of SUVs in the field of electric vehicles and created new types of electric vehicles. This innovative move resulted in a 600% increase in sales in the first three months of 2008 compared to the same period last year. In 2012, Bidwin targeted the new generation of social forces in the post-90s era, and strengthened the “sports” and “fashion” elements in product design, which narrowed the distance between the product and the post-90s consumer, and detonated youth consumption with sports and personality. Enthusiasm for purchase.

A good product can't be separated from advanced technology. Instead of Devin, it also carries out technological innovation on the basis of fully combining with the needs of consumers. In the industry for the first time, it puts forward a five-level standard for product manufacturing, centering on “waterproof, anti-theft, and electricity. "Five-control, comfort, and safety" provide the customers with the most practical product requirements and standards, and brings them five things to consumers from various aspects such as brakeability, practicality, coordination, comfort, and safety. Protection.

"The wine is also afraid of a deep alley", in order to allow good products to really enter the consumer, than the German way of marketing in the same bold innovation. As early as in 2005, when the entire industry was still selling around simple products, Devin broke through the conventions and boldly titled Shandong Sunshine TV's “Sunshine Express Lane”, which opened the door to entertainment marketing and became known in Shandong. This refreshing appearance also prompted Bidwin to quickly grow into a regional strong brand. In 2006, Devin signed Andy Lau as an image spokesperson; in 2010, he launched the “Shuangxingxing Endorsement” program; in 2011, he co-produced the annual youth inspirational idol drama “Youth Melody” with CCTV; in 2012, it was a top domestic entertainment variety show. The alliance, through the entertainment platform to lock in young people for precision marketing, marketing series of innovation continues to strengthen the recognition of consumers in contrast to Devin.

There are constant things that can be done without interruption. One is insistence, the other is focus, and the third is gradual. Over the years, with the "trident" of Devin's exclusive innovation tool, he has escaped the battlefield of electric vehicles in the entire industry, leading the continuous and healthy development of the entire electric vehicle industry.

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