Dongfeng Chaochao is hard at work

Chaochai's 2009 business meeting was held in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, which has a reputation as a “city of 100 islands”. “Despite the difficulties encountered this year, Dhakache has achieved good results. It is expected that 140,000 diesel engines will be produced and 141,000 units will be sold throughout the year. The sales revenue will be 2 billion yuan.” Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Dangchai” ") Zhao Zhuang, general manager, told reporters at the annual business meeting.

Improve lean management

Zhao Haig, general manager of Chaochai Sales Co., Ltd., said: “2008 was an extraordinary year. It was even more so for the automotive industry. It experienced the snowstorm in the south and the Sichuan earthquake in May in the beginning of the year. The raw material prices rose sharply in the first half of the year. The global financial crisis triggered by the US subprime mortgage crisis in the second half of the year, including the implementation of the National 3rd emission standard on July 1, 2008, brought great changes to the normal order of supply and sales throughout the automotive market. The rapid increase in the pressure on the organization to the continued downturn in the automotive market in the second half of the year has brought great challenges to every manufacturer in the automotive industry.

In such a difficult and complex situation, how did Daw Chai deliver a beautiful answer? This was primarily due to the improvement of the management level of the company. Wang Guoquan, deputy general manager of Chaochai Sales Co., told the reporter that in 2008, Chaochai identified “Taking Toyota Lean Thinking as management ideology, TS16949 as management system, QCD form as management tool, and KM as management platform to establish and improve. The lean management model featuring Chaochao's characteristics, namely the DPS management model, promotes the overall improvement of the quality and efficiency of the company.

Under the guidance of this idea, Chaochao invited Dongfeng QCD experts to the company's assistant general manager at the beginning of 2008 to fully guide the promotion work. At present, he has achieved encouraging results in policy management, production management, on-site management, and independent maintenance. progress. The overall promotion of policy management, QRQC/QRQE gradual progress, the successful introduction of plan security, self-preservation in full swing, and promote the gradual improvement of corporate management.

Zaochai's CRM system is also worth noting. Since the system was put into operation in May 2005, it has been operating stably. However, with more perfect management of the business department and changes in the market environment, the existing system cannot fully meet the needs of new business management. After six months of work, the system has made the system The upgrade was realized. In addition to the overall improvement of the service system, system management of service spare parts was also implemented, and the support and assistance service providers established a service spare parts inventory management platform in the system. At the same time, in cooperation with the bar code system, the optimal allocation of service spare parts nationwide has been achieved, and network management has taken another new step.

Innovative marketing should challenge

Facing the challenge of switching from State 2 to State 3 on July 1, 2008, Chaochai Company laid out a plan in advance and established two CFT teams for engineering vehicles and gas engines. In order to maintain its superiority, it continued to advance its position in the light truck market. Based on this, we will strive to achieve breakthroughs in the field of construction machinery, gas engines, and second-generation military vehicles. The establishment of a national 3 training team to diagnose service providers across the country and to provide training on handling the nation's 3 fault capabilities effectively improved the service capabilities of Chaochao Kokusan 3 products.

In the face of a complex market, the Chaochao marketing team took all the stops. Zhao Haikou told the reporter that Chaochai Company also continued to increase its brand building efforts, naming the "Zhaochai Cup" China-Russia-Russian International Autocross Rally, which demonstrated the "high quality" characteristics of Chaoyang Diesel Engine; participated in the "Zhaochai Cup" Aoling. China Light Kalames won the most fuel-efficient engine award; it successfully held the “Caring for Western Public Welfare to Win the Hope of the West” campaign, deepened the good cooperative relationship with customers, and established a good image of the company’s courage to take on social responsibilities. The holding of these events fully demonstrated the brand connotation of high quality power. With the wholehearted and full-service concept of service as the support, we constantly improve service awareness and improve service methods to provide our customers with proactive, fast and effective professional services.

One step ahead of new product development

According to relevant personnel from Chaochao, up to now, Chaochai has had more than 50 types of engines, 3 engines, and automobile plants together with vehicle calibrations, involving a total of 21 automobile manufacturers. Among them, CY4102-C3B, CY4102-C3C and other 20 countries and 3 engines have been calibrated for drivability, high temperature, high altitude, and high cold. The rest of the 30-odd and three-engined engines carried out some of the above four targets. The company’s National 3 engines have been calibrated by the major automobile plants and passenger car factories in China. According to statistics, since 2005, it has sold a total of 11,000 sets of three engines.

With the gradual advancement of the new national emission regulations, Chaochai has made a national 3 aircraft type announcement reserve at major domestic automobile plants. Until the NDRC issued 171 batches of announcements, Zhachai passed a total of 851 announcements in all automobile plants, 317 chassis announcements (of which bus chassis announcements of 66), basically covering the domestic N2 light trucks and 6 to 8 meters All production companies of passenger cars.

Zhao Zhuang told reporters: “The National 3 training is the top priority of our training work in 2008. In particular, we have dispatched 3 training vehicles on-site to teach on 5 occasions. We have traveled more than 40,000 kilometers, including 26 offices (Hefei factory). It has achieved very good results and is highly praised by vendors, service providers and major customers."

Based on the overall training plan at the beginning of the year, Chaochai has used the 25 training bases it has established to conduct multi-level training in different ways for service providers, automobile plants, major customers and distributors. As of the end of November 2008, a total of more than 1359 training sessions were organized. Among them, service providers, distributors, and major customers were trained more than 1,275 times to train 32 car factories, and 4 plants were invited for collaborative training. Through various forms of intensive training, the technical quality and service level of all personnel involved in the after-sales service of Daw Chai have been comprehensively improved.

At the same time, Chaochai provided training for service providers and agents, and after passing the assessment, they registered on the “Continuing Education and Training Certificate for Service and Business Personnel”. The record on the record of Chaochai indicated that they have the skills and qualifications to provide services for Chaochao. Chaochai products after-sales service professionalism.

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