"Four Positions" Pulls Out Traffic Safety Campaign in Autumn and Winter

"Four Positions" Pulls Out Traffic Safety Campaign in Autumn and Winter In order to comprehensively improve the people's road traffic safety awareness and civilized culture and create a civilized and harmonious road traffic environment, the Changde traffic police directly under the four brigade team focused on window units, news media, primary and secondary schools, and transport enterprises as four key propaganda positions, with “civilized traffic The "action plan" was the dominant one. Positive and negative warnings were held at the same time. The publicity and education campaigns in the late fall and early winter were opened with all-round and multiple levels with great fanfare and wide-ranging momentum. Significant results were achieved.

First, with the window unit as the front, strengthen education. The brigade will use front-line window units such as vehicle management halls, accident handling, and illegal handling as propaganda positions, and set up propaganda corners in various service windows to display promotional materials, billboards, posters, and electronic subtitles to develop face-to-face education. , Widely publicize the harms of traffic violations such as license-related licenses, speeding, overloading, and overcrowding, actively promote "six civilized traffic behaviors," abandon "six major traffic practices," boycott "six dangerous driving behaviors," and increase the number of drivers. In the autumn, civilized travel publicity and education efforts have been made to guide traffic-violators to strive to become civilized and law-abiding traffic actors and to achieve tangible social effects.

Second, take the news media as the position, and make public opinion. First, during the centralized and unified operation, the brigade actively invited media reporters of the TV station to thoroughly renovate the frontline and took the form of follow-up police operations, live broadcasts, etc., to publicize and report on the results and rectification significance of the brigade to carry out traffic order rectification, and to increase the involvement in licensing and red flags. Exposure rates for traffic violations such as speeding, overspeeding, overloading, and overcrowding; and secondly, through the use of microblogging, private information and commentary, they have widely solicited opinions and suggestions from the masses on traffic safety management issues such as service, accidents, vehicle management, etc., paying attention to changes in the masses' psychological conditions. Combine the needs of the masses with the management of traffic safety, and consciously accept comments from all walks of life on the traffic control work, so that the law enforcement actions of the police can be effectively supervised.

Third, use primary and secondary schools as fronts to highlight key groups. In view of the weak self-protection ability of primary and middle school students and the lack of knowledge about traffic safety, the brigade actively coordinated with the education department to organize the civilian police to penetrate all the primary and secondary schools in the area, put traffic safety banners, place traffic safety posters, and distribute traffic safety brochures. Newspapers, materials, and other methods are used to carry out traffic safety education and to educate teachers and students on various traffic safety matters that should be watched in the rainy weather and fog in bad weather conditions in the autumn, and to guide school teachers and students to refuse to ride oversize cars, speeding cars, and no licenses. Vehicles and other illegal vehicles, comply with traffic regulations, and ensure safe travel in the autumn.

Fourth, take the transportation enterprise as the position and lead the civilization concept. Actively promote and promote the backbone of the area to the area's central bus station, the new national line, the Mandarin passenger transportation company, and transport companies, and carry out promotional activities. Based on typical cases of serious and serious traffic accidents occurring in bad weather during the late autumn and early winter, through convening symposiums, distributing traffic safety publicity papers and a letter to drivers of national truck drivers, and communicating with the drivers face to face, etc. The methods, education drivers, and business leaders resolutely put an end to serious traffic violations such as overloading, speeding, fatigue driving, and curfew, and effectively increased awareness of safe driving and responsibility. In addition, the employees of highly hazardous chemicals such as highly toxic, inflammable and explosive chemicals shall be inspected for professional knowledge and professional skills training to make them familiar with the types, nature, uses, health hazards, and protection and treatment of hazardous chemicals transported. How to handle accidents.

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