Fujian "Mei Village Women" front car rescued the girl was hit by amnesia

Fujian "Mei Village Women" front car rescue girl was hit by amnesia diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-09-07

In the face of a fast-growing agricultural vehicle, she flew in and embraced the little girl in distress.
She may not remember all her life because of severe concussion.
Lianjiang's "American peasant woman" saves her life
Recently, when a 4-year-old girl was crossing the road in the village of Renxi Village along Yanxiang Township, a farm vehicle quickly arrived. Seeing that the little girl was about to be hit, next to a peasant woman, she threw herself and threw herself over her. Both were knocked out more than 3 meters away. The child was saved and the peasant woman was seriously injured.
In the past few days, this plain peasant woman flew to rescue the people, and moved a lot of people from Lianjiang. She was known as the "beautiful peasant woman." On the 4th, the reporter met her at the Branch of the Fuzhou General Hospital of the Nanjing Military Region. Although she had recovered from her coma, she was still in amnesia.
She clung the little girl in front of the wheel
Although Zhou Yingfei’s rescue of children has occurred for more than 20 days, many villagers in Renhe Village still clearly remember the thrilling morning.
At 10:40 on August 11th, at the village bus station, Zhou Ying, a 40-year-old villager, waited on the side of the road. Right across the street, the 4-year-old girl Zheng Xinyu left her grandfather's eyes and jumped across the road from the canteen. She did not notice that a farm truck was fast approaching.
“Danger, walk away, don't come...” villager Zhu Lan witnessed the scene of Zhou Ying’s life-saving. She recalled that when the incident was sudden, Zhou Ying shouted while waving to the child, but the child couldn’t understand it. Bounce across the road. At the moment when the agricultural vehicle was about to hit the child, Zhou Ying did not hesitate to fly over and leaned over and rolled over, hugged the child in front of the wheel, and both were knocked out more than 3 meters away.
An instant traffic accident, the blood of the land, the children crying and crying... The villagers around the road surrounded them, and some of them alarmed, some hit 120, and some stopped. Zhu Lan first rushed over and saw Zhou Ying's head full of blood, and the children in his arms were crying. "The little girl just scratched the skin and it was no big deal. Zhou Ying was fainted." said Zhu Lan.
The villagers spontaneously went to the hospital to visit the rescue hero
After the car accident, Zhou Ying, who was covered in blood, was escorted by the villagers to Lianjiang County Hospital for initial treatment with the help of good car owners. After being diagnosed by the doctor, Zhou Ying’s head was severely hit and needed to be immediately transferred to Fuzhou for treatment. At 13:00 on the same day, Zhou Ying was rushed to the Fuzhou General Yard for emergency treatment.
After more than ten days of rescue, Zhou Ying, who was seriously injured in his brain, recovered from his coma. On the 4th, the reporter saw Zhou Ying in the Second Inpatient Department of the General Hospital of Fuzhou. The plain face, the dark skin, and the tall head are still in the state of Zhou Ying, who is still in amnesia. He did not see too much reaction from the reporter.
"The back of the head is sewn with dozens of needles, and a lot of needles are also stitched under the left eye. The doctor said it is a serious concussion and has sequelae such as amnesia and mental decline." Zhou Ying's husband Huang Zongshao told reporters, "This is more than 20 days. In the past, folks have been visiting and talking with Zhou Ying. She only remembered things in the past. But the doctor said that she couldn't remember all that life that day.
After Zhou Ying’s emergency rescue of an unfamiliar child, his own news that he was smashed into a serious injury, the villagers in the townships of Yanxiang and Renfu have spontaneously visited hospitals to visit heroes in the past few days.
Village Party Secretary: Saving People is Her Habit
"If there is no Zhou Ying that courageously embraced, there is no lively Xiao Xinyu. Xiao Xinyu's parents will soon fly back from the USA to visit Zhou Ying." Zheng Xinyu, his grandfather regretted that day, he took Xiao Xinyu from Jiangnan Township. In Renjing Village, he bought things at the canteen at the entrance of the village and did not find that the children ran away quietly. "If the children are really killed under the wheel, I will live in the rest of my life. Our family members are deeply grateful to Zhou Ying." Grandfather said.
“Zhou Ying’s instant rescue of people should be her habit. It did not consider any danger and consequence at all.” Ren Qicun’s branch secretary Zhou Qiqin personally sent Zhou Ying to Fuzhou for treatment. He told reporters that Zhou Ying had always been helpful and had done so before. After 18 years of bus ticket conductors. When the ticket is usually sold, Zhou Ying sees that the child gets on and off the car, will remind you to pay attention to safety, and carefully watch the children get on and off.
Reporter's Notes: Saving Yourself and Writing Love
The instinct of human nature is to avoid danger, but Zhou Ying is in favor of the danger. What prompted her to make such a choice? The answer given by the Renshen Village Party Branch is: Habits.
During the interview, when the reporter asked Zhou Ying's sister and brother, the sister was a person, the two said in unison: "We are not good at answering, but you just ask a villager to know." Ask other villagers, everyone said Zhou Ying has a good habit of "helping others."
From everyone’s lips, we learned that at the critical moment, this simple and honest peasant woman didn’t think much about it. It was just an expression of the habit. As Wu Juping, the “beauty mother”, said after saving her life, “This is an instinct, as a mother should do”.
It is because of the love of “beautiful women”, “American teachers”, “American drivers” and “beautiful mothers” who are “beauty” that our society is so warm. I wish Zhou Ying an early recovery and continue to be helpful.
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