Good harvest farmer rice drying equipment brings good harvest

China is the world’s largest food producer and consumer, with an annual total grain output of approximately 500 million tons. According to statistics, the loss of grain during grain threshing, drying, storage, transportation, processing, and consumption after grain harvesting in China is as high as 18%, far exceeding the 5% FAO standard. Among these losses, the number of foods lost due to climate, the lack of drying of grains, or the failure to achieve safe moisture caused mildew, germination, etc., as high as 5%. The figures are quite alarming.

In recent years, China's grain dryer industry has delivered a stunning report card: From 2008 to 2010, the domestic dryer holdings increased rapidly at an average annual growth rate of around 50%. According to incomplete statistics, There are more than 500 domestic drying equipment manufacturers with annual sales of more than 3 billion yuan.

Autumn in November is the season of harvest. In the golden rice field in Zhuyuan Village, Qishan Township, Huidong County, several harvesters harvest rice continuously in the field. Standing on the side of the field, farmer Huo Hu looked at a bag full of rice and carried it. His face was full of joy. He said that by cooperating with leading agricultural enterprises in planting rice, it would be easy to earn 67,000 yuan in one year.

In recent years, Lao Hu, under the leadership of a good harvest farmer company, gradually embarked on a rich road by planting high-quality rice. It is reported that about 4,000 households in 50 villages in Huidong, Huicheng, and even Shantou and other places have, like Lao Hu, cooperated with good harvest companies to develop orders for rice cultivation and gradually embarked on the road to poverty alleviation.

It is reported that the good harvest farmer company is an agricultural enterprise in Huidong County that integrates rice cultivation, raw grain purchase and processing, and finished product sales. In recent years, the company has driven farmers to grow high-quality rice through industrialization and modernization, and has now developed into a Provincial leading enterprises in agriculture, top 100 industrialized enterprises in Huizhou, and top 20 supporting enterprises in agriculture.

The model "company farmer" is operating, and the grain is also earning money. Rice is an important grain in China, and its total output is related to the food security of the country's warm-saturated countries. However, many farmers have always thought that grain production is not profitable. In addition to the good agricultural returns of other characteristics in recent years, many farmers have gradually declined their enthusiasm for planting rice.

However, in Lao Hu’s opinion, cooperation with leading agricultural companies can earn money through rice cultivation on a large scale. Lao Hu told the author that since 2007, he has rented 20 mu of paddy fields in the village and cooperated with good harvest companies to grow high-quality rice. The company provides grain, fertilizers, pesticides, and other production materials, and provides technical guidance. When the rice is harvested, the company directly acquires rice from Tiantou at a price slightly higher than the market price. "Good and good varieties of rice produced by the technology are of high quality and good economic returns."

Mr. Bu Chunxi, general manager of the good harvest farmer company, told the author that the model that Lao Hu spoke about was the “corporate farmer” industrialized business model implemented by the company. This model promotes high-quality new rice varieties and new technologies through base demonstrations and outlets, and effectively promotes agricultural efficiency, farmers' income, and rural development. At present, the company cooperates with Huidong, Huicheng, Zhongkai, and nearly 4,000 households in 50 villages in Chaonan District and Shantou District, Shantou. It has planted more than 130,000 mu of rice and driven farmers to increase income by 2,300 yuan per year.

Technology-based automatic drying machine to solve farmers' problems in the sun grain good harvest agricultural company was established in 2007, after a short period of six years of development, has become one of the largest grain enterprises in Huizhou City. It is estimated that the processing volume of rice this year will be 35,000 tons and sales revenue will reach 240 million.

"If you want to say what drives the rapid development of the company, then I want to be second to none in technology and mechanization," said Bu Chunxi. The company has always attached great importance to the idea of ​​promoting agriculture through science and technology and promoting cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes. Universities and other universities have long-term scientific research cooperation and invited experts and professors from the Rice Research Institute and the Municipal Agricultural Research Institute of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences to serve as technical consultants, introduce excellent varieties of rice, and use Trichogramma, sex traps, and other biological control measures in field management. Means to prevent and control pests and diseases, reduce the use of pesticides, strictly control the quality and safety of agricultural products, improve rice yield and rice quality.

In terms of mechanized operations, the company established agricultural machinery cooperatives and currently owns 12 large rice transplanters and 2 harvesters. Under the promotion and application of the company, almost every household has small rice transplanters in the rice growers in Yushan Town and Tieyong Town. "With a transplanter, a person can plant up to 7 or 8 people's workload, and the output can be increased by about 20%," said Bu Chunxi.

For paddy rice farmers, drying rice is often a problem. Bu Chunxi said that after the rice is harvested, traditional rice cultivation requires dried rice to be sold and sold. The first reason is that there is no rice field for sun drying, and secondly, it is most afraid of the rainy weather. However, the scene of drying rice nowadays is rarely seen in Huidong. Bu Chunxi said that the company has introduced a fully automatic rice production line with a daily output of 150 tons and an automatic drying machine with a drying capacity of 500 tons per day. The wet rice harvested by farmers through the harvester does not require drying. Can be directly acquired to the company's dryer for drying. "The dryer has a daily drying capacity of 500 tons, which is the largest one in the province's paddy rice drying equipment. The other one is in Shanwei City."

In the future, we will use the high-speed train Dongfeng to develop a good variety of the eastern Guangdong market, plant good quality, build a good brand, and naturally be able to sell a good price. Bu Chunxi told the author that the “Wanqipa” series of high-quality rice produced by the company passed the pollution-free product certification and certification of origin, and was named as a provincial brand-name product, which sold well in places like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou, and the most expensive rice wholesale. The price is 12.6 yuan/jin.

In the next few years, the company will continue to increase its investment in science and technology. Based on the enlargement and strengthening of rice cultivation and the improvement of rice quality, the company will increase its efforts in brand development and market strategy.

In the next month or so, Xiamen-Shenzhen high-speed railway passing from Shenzhen to Xiamen, passing through Huishan Dongshan Town and Chaoshan District will be open to traffic. This is undoubtedly a good opportunity for development for a good harvest company that is only a few kilometers away from the Xiamen-Shenzhen high-speed rail Huidong station. The company is planning to further explore the eastern Guangdong market with the Dongfeng of Xiamen-Shenzhen high-speed rail. To this end, the company plans to invest 420 million yuan to build an agricultural product logistics center covering 310 acres and a storage capacity of 100,000 tons. At present, the project has been identified as a provincial key project and is undergoing preliminary work. It is planned to be completed and put into production in 2015.

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