High Performance Precast Coatings Launched

A few days ago, the newly developed prefabricated marking paints of Xinhua Paint Co., Ltd. of Hengshui City, Hebei Province, were successfully put on the market. This product fills a gap in China's road safety application of paint products.
It is understood that prefabricated paint is a high value-added hot-melt coating widely used in urban road traffic safety. The product is resistant to oil, compression, weathering, wear resistance, service life is 7 to 8 times the road marking, after testing the various technical indicators meet or exceed the standards of similar foreign products.
It is understood that the product mainly has the following aspects of innovation: First, the use of new light reflective material to ensure the best light reflection. The second is to improve the oil and weather resistance of the product by improving the process formula. The high temperature does not deform in summer and the low temperature in winter does not crack. The third is low product cost and long service life. Due to the use of a large number of new wear-resistant materials, the wear resistance of the product is much higher than the commonly used road marking paint, and the price is 20% lower than similar foreign products. Fourth, the variety of product colors is diversified. The product has been used in Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places.

The movement of the Tower Crane is controlled from the Tower Crane Cabin ( Operator Cabin for Tower Cranein which the operator handles all the functions of the crane. Within the Tower Crane Operator Cabin, you'll find the Tower Crane Cabin Chair with Joystick Controller, electronic monitoring devices, and communication systems and other related spare parts. 

Tower Crane Cab could be customized according to user's needs, the External shell material is steel and adopts high quality sectional material welding.

Standard configuration:

  • Ceiling light , wall fan, coat and hat hook, the cup holder, manual wiper blade.
Selectable configuration:
  • Joystick, electric whistle, air-conditioner, fire extinguisher, electric wiper, etc.

Tower Crane Cabin

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