How to do a good job in non-coal mine safety production management

In recent years, the country with the mining industry safety accidents occur frequently, a non-coal mine accidents are more frequent, and serious accidents continue to happen continuously, bloody lessons to our mine workers again and again sounded the security alarm! If Mine construction safety production management is not good, the connection is not appropriate, and a safety accident is inevitable. Because the process of mine construction is a production process with high risk, suddenness and easy to cause casualties, it is especially important to ensure the safe production of mine construction. Therefore, to do a good job in mine construction safety management should start from the following aspects:

1. Pay attention to the safety production management planning work, plan ahead.

In the overall planning of the operation process, many projects have only taken over the safety management. They did not combine the characteristics of the project in different construction stages to prepare a detailed safety management planning plan. There is no foresight in the process of safety production management, and it is managed and passive. Therefore, it is the key to making safety management planning work. First, according to the actual situation of the project, develop practical and feasible safety management objectives, and decompose and implement the target to the responsible person; second, prepare detailed safety management technical assurance measures for the construction phase according to the safety management objectives; third, prepare the safety during the whole construction period. special funds the cost of inputs and distribution schedule to ensure timely investment in safety management of human, financial, and material.

2. Establish a safety management organization with a dedicated (part-time) safety management staff

In order to give full play to the cohesiveness and combat effectiveness in the safe production of mines, improve the safety management level of enterprises, and comprehensively mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of cadres and workers to participate in safety management, our mine has established a full-time safety management organization and equipped part-time safety supervisors in each production unit. Strengthen the safety management of mines. Full-time security personnel should have the following three basic requirements: First, they must have certain professional knowledge and safety management skills, and can timely identify potential safety hazards at the construction site and have certain emergency response capabilities for emergencies. Second, we must have a strong sense of responsibility. In the work, we must go to the scene and examine carefully. The third is to treat the work with the attitude of service. The so-called service mentality is not to have a high sense of the top, to deal with the field staff to deal with the relationship, can make the operators feel that they are not "management" and "managed" relationship, but "cooperative" relationship, experience security management The most direct beneficiaries of work are themselves.

3. Establish and improve the responsibility system for safety production and various management systems, and strictly enforce them.

The responsibility system for production safety is the core and central link of project safety production management. In simple terms, the responsibility system for production safety is to clearly define the responsibilities of various functional departments, responsible persons at all levels and various construction personnel during the construction process. . The responsibilities, rights and interests of all types of personnel and departments in safety work must be clearly defined. It is necessary to formulate and sign the “Safe Production Responsibility” according to the job responsibilities of the project management personnel, so that “who is in charge, Who is responsible; who is on duty, who is responsible, and pursue relevant responsibilities as required.

4. Strengthen education and training, and do a good job in safety technology and team safety activities.

The cultural quality of workers working on underground construction sites is generally low. Many of them are farming at home yesterday. Migrant workers working underground in the underground today have poor safety awareness and lack of basic safety knowledge and operational skills. There have been. "Army and horses move, grain and grass first", to ensure safety, training must be in the first place, we must adhere to the training of first-time training, the principle of not being qualified for examination without passing the examination. Especially for outside construction workers, it is necessary to take the safety training course. Therefore, safety education for new workers to enter the market is essential. Safety education should be combined with the actual situation of the project, and resolutely put an end to the "fake, big, empty" and other provisions. Some underground workers don't pay enough attention to safety production in their minds. They often have luck and have passed. They think that everything is “cup bow and snake shadow”, and it is not necessary to think that safety is the same during construction. It is also worth mentioning that the mobility of the personnel of the external construction units is too large at present. Sometimes a worker is working in several mines at the same time, there is no relative stability, which causes management difficulties and safety education for new workers. Work is extremely unfavorable. Therefore, I believe that the vigorous implementation of on-site safety technology and team safety activities at this stage is the most effective means to reduce the "three violations" phenomenon. The safety technology should be combined with the safety activities of the team, strictly adhere to the pre-class education in accordance with the group activity system, ensure safety every day, be safe at all times, improve staff safety awareness, safety technology level and adaptability, and eliminate the numbness of workers. Fortunately, in strict accordance with the operating procedures, in accordance with the rules, meticulous, can be timely, everywhere, everything to ensure safety, to create an atmosphere of "everyone speaks safe, everything is safe, always safe", so that the on-site operators Gradually realize the transformation from "I want to be safe" to "I want to be safe".

5. Carry out safety inspection work, flexibly apply normative standards, and find hidden dangers to be immediately rectified

Mine operation is a high-risk workplace. Regardless of the company's emphasis on safety, the management system is strict, and the safety education is perfect. There are still many safety hazards and “three violations” in the daily workplace, so the safety inspection is on site. The safety management work is an indispensable part. Relevant personnel must conduct detailed inspections on the site every day. The inspection scale should be “strict” and “quasi”. After the hidden dangers are discovered, they should be rectified according to the requirements. The rectification requirements should be agreed upon according to the relevant standards and standards. At the same time, it is necessary to explain the responsible person of the rectification to avoid the situation that the safety production cannot be satisfied after the rectification.

In short, on-site safety management is an arduous task, but as long as we improve our thinking and understanding, improve management institutions, and improve the safety system, we will formulate comprehensive and targeted safety measures according to the specific conditions of the project and establish preventive measures. Thoughts, and implementation, the safety incidents at the job site will be greatly reduced, both for enterprises and individuals. There is a long way to go for safe work. We should always give a safety alarm to everyone during the operation process to awaken safety awareness and responsibility. If you invest more and more seriously, you may have fewer accidents and avoid a disaster. Why not do it?

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