Lanzhou high-speed accident scene 300,000 yuan grapes were robbed police said they could not stop

Lanzhou high-speed accident scene, 300,000 yuan grapes were robbed police said blocked diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-09-07

On the morning of the 5th, a large truck loaded with grapes turned over on the Lanzhou Expressway, and more than 300,000 yuan worth of grapes were looted. The traffic police claimed that despite stopping the looting of some people, many people continued to rob while they did not listen to advice. The truck driver said, "These losses are enough to make me bankrupt."
The accident occurred near Lianzhou Tianyi Villa on Lianhuo Expressway. The large Lv 15237 license plate slammed into the highway retaining wall and tipped over the road. There were scattered boxes of grapes scattered all over the ground. After the accident, the highway traffic police urgently blocked the lane to prevent secondary accidents.
According to owner Wang’s memories, at 10 o’clock in the morning, when he drove here, the speed was not fast, but the truck suddenly turned sideways when turning, and fell out of control on the road. Many villagers near the village took plastic bags and woven bags to grab grapes, and others simply sat on the side of the road to eat. In the afternoon, reporters saw on the spot that many people drove cars, motorcycles, and bicycles to ship. Another person called to make relatives and friends rush to pull grapes before driving.
“There are too many people looting...” According to the traffic police who handled the accident, there were thirty to forty people at the time, and many people picked up the grape boxes and left. Although the traffic police stopped the looting of a small number of villagers, more and more people gathered at the scene. These people did not listen to advice and continued to rob.
Seeing that the grapes were being picked up into boxes, the driver of the truck driver Wang was weak and unable to stop. Master Wang said that there are a total of 3,300 boxes of grapes worth about 300,000 yuan. Apart from being taken away, the remaining grapes have also been damaged to varying degrees and cannot be sold. "These losses are enough for me to go bankrupt." At present, the traffic police department is investigating the cause of the accident.
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