New standards for furniture testing to solve formaldehyde problems during the year

It is reported that in order to solve the formaldehyde detection problem, the "New Standard for Furniture Environmental Testing" (hereinafter referred to as the "new standard") is being researched and formulated. It is expected to be officially promulgated and implemented within the year. The new standards have become increasingly stringent over the supervision of the furniture industry. The new standard will try to replace nondestructive testing with non-destructive testing, and plans to replace the existing "atmospheric detection method" with the "climate chamber detection method". The so-called "climate chamber detection method" is to conduct tests in a room maintained at a constant temperature and humidity. It accurately reflects the overall actual release of poisonous and harmful substances from the inspection home.

The “Climate Chamber Detection Method” can determine the release amount of formaldehyde and other harmful substances. As long as there is a material that does not meet environmental standards, it can be embodied in the comprehensive test results. I believe that the introduction of these two testing methods will certainly meet the consumer's demand for environmental protection.

The formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances contained in the furniture paint are important sources of indoor pollution and cause serious damage to the health of consumers. The frequent indoor exposure to excessive formaldehyde in the room has fully demonstrated this point. With the growing harm caused by the pollution of furniture, consumers are increasingly confused when purchasing furniture. At the same time, the health and environmental protection requirements for furniture are also increasing.

The promulgation and introduction of new standards is undoubtedly good news for the furniture industry. Traditional furniture environmental performance testing method is proportional sampling and testing, which will cause a certain degree of damage to the furniture, the detected furniture can not continue to sell or use. Non-destructive testing can ensure the detection results, while avoiding the damage caused by the detection of single products, saving resources, and will not have any impact on sales and use.

The new standard has imposed more stringent requirements on furniture's “clothing”—furniture paint—as it has become increasingly stringent over the supervision of the furniture industry.

The impact of the promulgation and implementation of the "New Standard for Home Environmental Protection Testing" on the furniture paint industry is enormous. The new standard improves the market access threshold for furniture paint products; it integrates the furniture paint industry industry; it purifies the furniture paint industry. The new standard indicates that the furniture industry is becoming more and more standardized and reasonable. It also directly increases the monitoring of furniture lacquer products. Furniture lacquer companies can only improve their own technical problems, improve product quality and environmental performance, and can meet the development of the furniture industry. demand.

In addition, the new standard for furniture environmental protection requirements increased the market for water-based paint, UV furniture paint and other environmental protection products, can promote the furniture paint companies to upgrade the industry, improve production technology and level, and promote the development and integration of the entire industry. Thanks to the introduction of new standards, some furniture lacquer companies that are well-competitive and are engaged in R&D and promotion of environmentally friendly furniture lacquer will get a new round of development opportunities, and some companies that mix and match beads, produce cottages and counterfeit products will be marketed. Eliminated.

With the concept of healthy environmental protection gradually deepening, and the new situation of the implementation of the "new standards for environmental testing of furniture," furniture lacquer companies need to continue to innovate, advancing with the times, improve themselves and improve product quality to meet the needs of market development, Only by faith can we meet new development opportunities.

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