Paper Surface Detection Stroboscope

  • Model NO.: PN-114A
  • Features: Rechargeable, and Hand-Hold
  • Specification: SGS, ISO
  • HS Code: 90292090
  • Application: Paper Industry
  • Trademark: PNTOO
  • Origin: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
1.  Description:
PN-114A stroboscope is designed and produced for paper-making industry. The operator can inspect the troubles which maybe happened at every process, includes: head-box, forming problems, de-watering, pulp beating, felts, paper ropes, bearings, gears and paper surface etc.
   PN-114A paper surface detection stroboscope is our new rechargeable highlight stroboscope, it makes the operation convenient and flexibility, one enough recharge, the continuous working time is 2hours ( as per the frequency). This stroboscope is portable and hand-held.
2. Specification:
2.1   Power supply: DC12V
2.2   Display: 5 digitals LED display
2.3   Stroboscopic accuracy: ±0.1%
2.4   Working mode: internal & external triggers
2.5   Flash frequency range: inside control: 50.0-6000.0f/m; outside control: 50-4000f/m; frequency accuracy: 0.1, frequency display: Hz & rpm can be selected.
2.6   Single working hours: can be set by function key
2.7   Single flash energy: 0.27 J @ 1000f/m   0.16 J @ 4000f/m
2.8   Ambient light: about 3200 lux at the 150mm under the 4000f/m
2.9   Spot: Φ300mm circle @ 500mm
2.10  Flash duration time: about 10μs
2.11  Outer dimension: 270*120*130mm
2.12  Weight: about 1.5kg
2.13  Power line: No.
3. Product features:
3.1 Fast change between internal trigger/external trigger, twice the frequency, half the frequency can be adjusted quickly;
3.2 External trigger working mode ( by photoelectric signal), can track the patterns automatically;
3.3 Built-in memory, with automatic memory function of flash frequency and internal parameters, make the next operation convenient.
3.4 Adopt the advanced encoder, with the professional operation software, knobs adjustment.
3.4 With the function of automatic flash stop, can save the electricity, and extend the life of the tube.
3.5 The tube is made in German.
3.6 The new lithium battery design, the battery life is much longer, and the stroboscope is much lighter

Company Introduction:
PNSHAR, as one SGS-Audited company & ISO-Certified company, has been engaged in the R&D and production of lab equipment for corrugated packaging industry since 1985. Our product has achieved CE certificate.
As the leading manufacturer from China, we are enjoying the Chinese market, competing the European suppliers, American suppliers and Taiwan Suppliers.
Based on good quality and reliable performance, our lab equipments also have been exported to more than 50 countries, such as follows:
1). Europe: Italy, Germany, Hungry, Macedonia, Latvia, Czech, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Turkey etc;
2). Asia & Oceania: Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Hongkong, South Korea, Iran, Viet Nam, India, Bangladesh, Jordan, Saudi Arab, Bahrain, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Taiwan, Oman, Uzbekistan, etc;
3). America:USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Guyana, Uruguay, etc;
4). Africa: Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, Cote d'Ivoire, Cameroon, etc.

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Paper Surface Detection Stroboscope
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Paper Surface Detection Stroboscope
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Paper Surface Detection Stroboscope

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