Shangchai checks through Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau

The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision recently carried out product quality supervision and spot checks on Shangchai 's products. This inspection is a routine inspection by government departments without prior notification to the company.

The three law enforcement officers, accompanied by the staff of the company's Quality Assurance Department, came to the company's main warehouse for random sampling. They selected two D114 series SC8DK280Q3 electronically controlled diesel engines for 30 vehicles in a batch and sealed them on the spot. On the same day, it was sent to the Shanghai Internal Combustion Engine Quality Supervision and Inspection Station.

After passing the test evaluation of the internal combustion engine's quality supervision station, the diesel engine's noise, smoke, power, fuel consumption and other technical indicators have all met the requirements of the national standards, and the results of spot checks are qualified.

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