Snow safety driving expert interprets driving skills

In the snowy days of the situation, driving is a technical activity. Let's take a closer look at the skills of driving and keeping cars in Xuetian and let everyone know how to get on the road.

1, check before boarding

For those cars parked outside, they need to do some preparatory work before starting. First check whether the four tires of the car are frozen to the ground. If this happens, you should first put the product around the tires.

Snow and ice shovel out. In addition, clear the snow on the left and right rearview mirrors to ensure a clear vision when driving. The snow on the front windshield should also be cleared in time. At this time, the wiper blade should be lifted and shaken to shake off the ice and snow. If there is ice on the glass, it can be scraped off with a harder plastic piece.

2, warm up before starting

In snowy days, the warm-up of the car must be done. During the warm-up process, the heater is turned on and the mist on the glass is dried. Be sure to confirm that the handbrake is completely loosened before starting, because in cold weather, the handbrake brake is likely to freeze. If you do not pay attention, it may cause looseness.

3, do not use emergency brake

Snowy roads are slippery and prone to dangerous conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to control the speed of the vehicle throughout the entire process. Do not slam on the throttle. In the follow-up process, we must be sure to maintain the distance, while paying attention to the status of the vehicle in front. Once the brake light of the front vehicle is on, we must also slow down in advance, on the one hand to avoid rear-end vehicles, on the one hand to remind the rear car .

4, only use the middle and low gear

For a manual car owner, usually only one block is required for a normal start in the snow. After a slight speed increase, the gear can be gradually increased to two or three speeds. It is advisable to use high gears in snow and sky, and to keep the speed within 10 kilometers in order to effectively protect safety. If you encounter a very slippery surface, you can also consider starting with the second block, and then continue to use the second block without stopping.

5, when the wind and snow fog lights

The use of headlights in snow is very important. It is best to turn on the fog lights throughout the road without a guardrail between the other lane. On the one hand, it can protect the driver's own front line of sight, and more importantly, he can remind the opposite to come and avoid the collision of the two cars. It is recommended that you do not change lanes frequently in the snow. If you must change lanes, make sure you turn on the turn signal in advance.

6. When you skid, you must correct it in the same direction

We have a habit where the car goes to a side, and immediately corrects it in the opposite direction. But in the snow, once the car is slippery, this method is wrong, it can not offset the existing inertia of the car body. If the car slides to the left, the right way is to immediately release the throttle, do not hurry to step on the brakes, turn the steering wheel to the left, wait until the inertia of the body is guided back, then correct the direction to the right, and then use the brake to lower the speed .

7, parking should face the front

If you want to park your car in the open air, you need to choose a parking place at this time. Some ponds with stagnant water are not suitable for parking because once the water is frozen in cold weather, it is very likely that the tire will freeze with the ground. In addition, do not park your car under a tree or under a billboard. If the snow is too heavy and you break the branches or billboards, you will be parked underneath. In addition, it is best to park the front outside, not to “prick” the wall. As a result, driving a car the next day is more convenient, and if the car fails, the front facing the outside is conducive to rescue.

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