The clerk cursed because the customer did not sign a single text message

The clerk curses the diesel generator because the customer does not sign the single text message to curse the diesel generator price / 2012-09-07

There is a kind of injury called cursing
Selecting a photo shop to take a wedding photo was originally a happy event, but Zhang Lin (a pseudonym) was very angry. It turned out that two days ago he received a heinous text message. In the text message, he called him "a child has no asshole and died." Texting is a photo shop staff who previously received their own, because the sign did not go. Who knows, Zhang Lin’s wife, Ms. Li, was miscarried on the same night. Yesterday afternoon, Zhang Lin found himself in the photo gallery on Chunxi Road.
After mediation by both parties, the photography shop punished the employees for dismissal, fines, and criticism, and let them apologize to Zhang Lin. Zhang Lin accepted.
The clerk is confused
When Zhang Lin and his wife came to the photo shop for consultation, the clerk had a good attitude, but they did not sign the bill at that time and said they would like to consider another visit. Waiting for fruitless after the clerk texting abusive
receive punishment
Zhang Lin apologized in person and resigned, deducted his monthly salary and reported criticism. At the same time, the photography shop paid Zhang Lin 500 yuan
No single order
Accidentally received rough SMS
"We are the card that we received in March this year and we are preparing to take a wedding photo shoot." Zhang Lin said that he and his wife are from Zhejiang and have been working in Chengdu for several years. Looking at the weather, they decided to take a photo of the wedding. Through the introduction of fellow villagers, they came to a photography shop on Chunxi Road to learn about the situation. “The attitude of the clerk at the beginning was very good.” Zhang Lin said that on the 2nd, he and his wife came to the store to consult. Ms. Huang, the clerk, had a good attitude and enthusiastically introduced various businesses. Because I was thinking about understanding the situation of other photography shops, Zhang Lin and his wife did not sign a single bill at the time and said that they should go back and think again.
Zhang Lin said that before the 4th received vicious sms, the clerk had also called his wife and the attitude was very good. "I did not expect that on the 4th at 9 o'clock in the evening, the other party sent such a message over." Watching the beggar "ugly, embarrassing, to die", Zhang Lin gas does not hit one.
Wife abortion
Ask friends to find out about the shop
Zhang Lin, who was overwhelmed, about his own friend, came to the photo shop to discuss the matter yesterday afternoon. “My wife had an abortion that night and she was pregnant for more than a month!” Chang Lin sighed long. “There is a certain relationship with this matter. She may be irritated.”
Came to the store, Zhang Lin recognizes Miss Huang, who is standing in the doorway, receiving her clerk on the same day. "Why did you send such a message?" Zhang Lin's friend asked her. “What message did I send!” Ms. Huang responded with a cry and turned to the door.
Later, under the mediation of other clerk, Zhang Lin and his friends came to the office of the photo shop to find the responsible person to speak. At the office, Zhang Lin saw Ms. Huang and the two sides again clashed. "You said that you are coming. I will leave work at 5:30. I will wait until you are late." Ms. Huang said while crying. He also said that the other person had sent a short message on the phone.
Bad behavior
The clerk was fined to dismiss
Ms. Huang cried that although Zhang Lin and his wife did not sign a single contract, Ms. Li had said afterwards that she would come to discuss the details. As a result, he will wait for such long time after work. "We said we had to come and didn't come back. It wasn't right, but you shouldn't send such messages!" Zhang Lin was angry. The person in charge of the shop arrived afterwards. After reading the text message and getting to know things, the person in charge told Ms. Huang to apologize to Zhang Lin, and made a decision to dismiss and deduct his monthly salary and inform the criticism. At the same time, the shop paid Zhang Lin 500 yuan in cash. “Either the customer is not in the photo shop and the employee does this, it is extremely bad and the photo shop is also responsible.” The person in charge said that the store clerk was brought up by himself and worked for more than a year. It has never happened before. Case. Zhang Lin said that he is willing to accept Miss Huang’s apology.
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