The role of smoke detectors in video surveillance

Occasionally, I learned that I was consulted on "the components of a video security monitoring system." For a long time I didn't pay attention to video surveillance. I took the opportunity to summarize myself and hope that the following will satisfy him.
Traditional video surveillance is divided into front-end video capture part (camera), transmission part (cable), storage part (hard disk recorder), display part (monitor or splicing screen) and control part (control software and hardware).
At present, the mainstream video surveillance is all networked (IP). The front-end camera adopts high-definition digital acquisition. The basic resolution is more than 2 million pixels (1920*1080). The camera itself has compression coding function, common compression. The algorithm is H.264. In recent years, the H.265 algorithm has also been used more. Compared with H.264, H.265 has a larger compression ratio and has advantages in transmission and storage.
In the analog era, the transmission part generally adopts the coaxial cable and the optical cable, which is a closed-loop system, that is, can only provide the unit to use. In the era of entering the network, the use of ultra-five or six types of twisted pair and fiber optic cable, each camera becomes a node on the network, monitoring is no longer subject to geographical restrictions, but also more open.
In the era of digital surveillance, the amount of data stored will increase. In the entire monitoring system, the cost of storage must not be ignored, although most of these data are junk (because most of them are useless) in the system. Before designing, we must consider the time that the data needs to be preserved to meet the needs of the time.
The display parts are all developing to higher definition, larger size, and lower power consumption. However, most of the LCD screens currently used in the high-end display category are also the two screens in Korea. I hope that our domestic BOE’s screen can catch up. After all, in the display area, our domestic manufacturers have long been working for Korean companies.
The back-end control part is the core of the entire monitoring system, and is also where various manufacturers compete hard power. The chips used in the front-end camera are mostly Hass, it is difficult to open the gap, only the back-end platform software will have a big gap This has prompted the emergence of various solutions, the core is still the video stream as a special data stream for post-processing. For example, the more popular AI technology nowadays is to extract valuable information from the ordinary video data stream, turning waste data into waste, which is the direction of video surveillance development. The most typical representative is the character's characteristics. Recognition, face, physical sign, wear, etc. can all be extracted from the video so that the video surveillance can really plug into the wings.
In the end, no matter how the video surveillance develops, it still belongs to the post-autumn accounts. Although AI technology can make the system play an early warning function, after the early warning, the corresponding personnel cannot get to the scene in time, for example, in the case of theft, remotely through the video Monitoring can be clearly seen, but it is just knowing it and it cannot be stopped immediately. The entire security system is divided into detection, delay and response. For so many years, it has been relatively weak in the delay (blocking) phase, and it lacks the necessary means. Because of this, we began to study this matter, after a lot of research, testing and Trial, found that the use of Finney smoke device is very effective, in a short period of time can spray a lot of smoke, so that illegal intruders can not see around, psychological fear back, can only give up further crimes, effectively protect the site of the property And personal safety.
According to the si Nuo needs hierarchy theory, after satisfying the first-level needs (physiological aspects), people will be very concerned about the second-level needs, that is, the security requirements, which also puts forward demands for many of our security practitioners. We need to carefully study what people really need, invest more energy in solving these needs, and investing in a better life for everyone.

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