The third request of the auto three bags for the main parts is accumulated after 2 times or can be returned

At the beginning of 2013, the car three packs of national standard that continued "difficulty in production" finally met the dawn. A few days ago, the “National Auto Parts Three-Packs Major Component Type Range and Three-guarantee Certificate” national standard consultation draft was issued. The fourth time, it solicited comments from the public. The public can submit comments to the National Standards Committee before January 31 of this year. The reporter learned that this draft of the amendments, in addition to the continuation of the engine, transmission or replacement of its main parts can be returned twice, but also on the "three guarantees" range of auto parts made clear. The new rules seek comments again. What do you think?

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After the total replacement of the main part 2 times,

Consumer or returnable car

After the sale of automotive products, if there is a failure, the consumer believes that it is a quality problem, and the manufacturer arguing that it is the improper use of the owner. Because there is no "national standard," both parties hold the term, often leading to difficult consumer rights protection.

This time, the Opinions once again made it clear that auto products will be consumed within 60 days from the date of the sales invoice issued by the seller or within 3,000 kilometers (whichever comes first), and the main parts of the engine and transmission will have quality problems. The driver can choose to replace the engine and transmission for free. However, within the deadline, after the engine or transmission has been replaced twice, or the same main parts of the engine and transmission are replaced due to quality problems, they cannot be used after two replacements in total (the replacement of the assembly and main parts is not repeated). If the consumer chooses to replace or return, the seller shall be responsible for replacement or return.


Consumers applaud,

Dealer thinks "it's hard to get out of the car"

On April 18, 2006, the public Sheng Jun purchased a 1.8T sedan. When he traveled for 1,000 kilometers, he found that the exhaust pipe had even been eroded by more than half. Later, he repeatedly went to the 4S shop to replace the exhaust pipe, still not effective. On September 12, 2009, the car even had a turret phenomenon. On October 13th, Sheng Jun’s paper petition sued the seller and the manufacturer to the court, and finally even went to the 4S shop to hang banners to protest the issue. For the new regulations, Sheng Jun "approve both hands." "If you come out early, it's fine. The main parts have quality problems and you can't use them after 2 repairs. You can't use the 4S shop to 'repair' the consumers." Sheng Jun told reporters yesterday. Say.

However, dealers believe that it is difficult to "get out of the car." Xie Anqing, assistant manager of Yangzhou Chenghui Toyota 4S Store, told reporters that consumers will be involved in various aspects when they return. "For example, how to refund the purchase tax that has already been paid and how the insurance is handled. In addition, has the purchased vehicle been returned to the dealer or other forms in the form of a transfer?"

Xie Anqing pointed out that for problem vehicles, it is often the owner who considers it to be a problem of the quality of the car, and the dealer thinks that it was caused by improper use of the car owner. At this time, how to prove that it is due to quality problems is very difficult. "At present, there are only a few professional testing organizations in the country. There are only Tianjin and Guangzhou in the impression. The trucks will be transported out of the country. Who will bear the freight charges? The inspection fee of tens of thousands of yuan will be borne by anyone. These are difficulties."

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The main types of parts are clear.

16 easy to wear parts can be replaced for free

The new standard also stipulates that the same main parts of the steering system, brake system, suspension system, front/rear axle, and vehicle body cannot be used normally after two replacements due to quality problems within the warranty period of the automotive product warranty. If the consumer chooses to replace or return, the seller shall be responsible for replacement or return. The reporter found on the website of the National Standards Committee found that the scope of the major parts including the engine and the steering system was clearly defined in the opinion. For example, the engine includes "piston, connecting rod, main bearing, crankshaft, bearing, cylinder head, camshaft, and Valve".

The new standard also stipulates that during the period of quality assurance of easily lost parts of household automotive products, consumers may choose to replace easily consumable parts. According to the opinion draft, producers or sellers should provide consumers with three packs of evidence. The reporter logged on to the website of the National Standards Committee and found that the range of consumable parts included air filters, spark plugs, tires, engine oil, batteries, and wiper blades.


Strong operability but still controversial

According to Li Hongxing, the service station owner of the new Jiangnan 4S store in Yangzhou, Chery, the detailed classification and differentiation of the main parts in this opinion draft will undoubtedly enhance the operability of the new regulations. "For example, the 16 kinds of easily-depletable parts, the policy was introduced, and later it is free to change during the quality assurance period."

However, Li Hongxing also pointed out that although the major parts types including the engine have been clarified, implementation is still controversial. "For example, there is a problem with the power assist motor in the steering system. One condition is oil leakage. This does not affect the normal driving of the vehicle owner. It only needs to be replaced. The other is that the power assist motor completely loses its efficiency. In this case, Car owners can change cars, but the new rules stipulate that consumers can choose to return after a total of two replacements. Which parts should be replaced, and what kind of circumstances should be returned, the new rules should be more clearly defined."

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Identification is still difficult

The relevant person of Yangzhou Association of Consumers and Faith admits to the reporter that there are still many problems to be solved in the implementation of the draft of this draft. For example, the basis for the establishment of regulations in the "Car Three Guarantees" is due to "quality problems," but how do we judge quality? The source pointed out that there are very few third-party inspection agencies with professional authority in the country, which makes the definition of "car quality" a "natural barrier" for consumers to safeguard their rights.

In addition, he also suggested that, compared with the implementation of the new regulations, it is even more important to stress the awareness of car dealers' honest service. “For example, a consumer had replaced a fuse on his own during the driving process. However, at the 4S shop, the 4S shop said that he was arbitrarily repaired and did not fulfill the three-bag rule. Imagine if a customer drives on a highway because of a fuse. Is it necessary to call the 4S shop for repairs?"

The quality of the car bought later will be better

Despite the implementation of the new regulations, the industry generally believes that there are still many difficulties that need to be resolved, but people in the industry also believe that the implementation of the new regulations still has a lot of benefits for consumers.

"According to the current car company's common warranty system, can only be repaired and can not be returned and replaced. Owners only buy the car, they continue to repair, which is simply untenable." Li Hongxing that the car three bags for comments Once the manuscript is implemented, it will clarify the responsibility of the car manufacturers to return, which will force auto manufacturers to improve product quality. For consumers, the quality of the car bought later will be better.

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