The total output value of the LED industry in the first three quarters was 10.9 billion

Jiangmen LED Industry Association was formally established recently. At the inaugural meeting, the association signed a financing cooperation agreement with Agricultural Bank, Everbright Bank and Postal Savings Bank. According to the plan, the three banks will provide 18 billion yuan of credit support to member companies in the next three years to solve the financing problem.
The reporter learned from the meeting that there are currently more than 200 enterprises engaged in LED production in Jiangmen, and nearly 1,000 related companies. It has formed a one-stop industrial chain and complete supporting system from epitaxial chips to packaging applications. According to Ren Anliang, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology, the LED industry has maintained rapid growth. In 2010, the city's LED output value was 13.7 billion yuan. From January to September this year, the total industrial output value of Jiangmen LED industry reached 10.961 billion, an increase of 27.43. Jiangmen’s support for the industry is unprecedented. From this year, the government has arranged 150 million yuan of special funds each year for supporting investment incentives, technological innovation awards, brand standards and patent awards, talent awards, etc. for LED packaging applications. . Recently, the city leaders also led a team to Taiwan to carry out special inspection activities of the LED industry, to promote Jiangmen to develop the development strategy of the Pearl River Delta advanced manufacturing key development zones, and warmly invited Taiwan businessmen to visit Jiangmen. As a result, we will continue to support the confidence of the LED industry and will not reduce our support in the future.
According to reports, Jiangmen will accelerate the construction of the three major platforms in the future, and promote the accelerated development of the industry, including the construction of China (Jiangmen) Green Semiconductor Light Source Expo Trading Center, and strive to include it in the list of Guangdong Commodities International Purchasing Center; improve the national semiconductor optoelectronic product testing key experiment The construction of software and hardware for the room provides technical support and guarantee for the LED industry in Jiangmen and even in southern China. It will continue to organize and improve the Expo, and create an industry promotion and trading platform.
The establishment of Jiangmen LED Industry Association has also brought good news for the development of the industry. According to Yin Shusong, secretary general of the industry association, the industry association will also set up a special investment company and guarantee company to promote cooperation between banks and enterprises. The investment company formed by the industry association found a ready-made site (100,000 square meters or more) in the high-tech zone of Jiangmen City to form a professional LED trading market. Each leading enterprise of the association invested 3 million yuan to quickly raise a seed money operation trading platform of about 60 million yuan. Chen Chunhua

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