The Use and Existing Problems of China's Land Area Measurement Units

On December 18, 1990, the State Bureau of Technical Supervision, the State Bureau of Land Management, and the Ministry of Agriculture jointly issued a circular on the reform of the nation’s land area measurement unit6, which stipulates that there are three legal measurement units for land area in China, namely, square kilometers (km2). ), hectares (hm2), square meters (m2).
Since then, the traditional unit of land in China’s land area has been explicitly repealed. In order to understand the implementation of this provision by newspapers and magazines in the past decade, the author conducted the use of 8 agricultural science publications, 23 agricultural technical publications, 8 agricultural academic publications, and 8 newspapers. A sample survey is now available as follows:
1 Current status 1.1 Agricultural science publications randomly selected 8 agricultural science publications of the library of the Institute of Information of the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, such as 5 China Rural Science and Technology 6, 5 Rural Pepsi6, 5 Agricultural Knowledge 6, 5 Agricultural Technology Services 6 As a result, it was found that in 2000, 6 publications still used acres as a measure of land area, accounting for 75%, 1 for 1/15 hectare, and 1 for 666.7 m2.
1.2 Agricultural technology publications surveyed 23 agricultural technical publications, including 18 provincial-level agricultural sciences and 5 agricultural science magazines. It was found that 6 acres were still used, accounting for 26%, and 8 were 666.7 m2. Hm2(ha), 3 copies are 666.7m2 and hm2.
1.3 Agricultural academic journals randomly selected 8 agricultural university journals and found that the land area measurement unit uses hectares (hm2).
1.4 The newspaper randomly sampled 8 newspapers, including People's Daily, Economic Daily, Farmers Daily, Science and Technology Abstracts, and Dazhong Daily, and found that they used acres as their land area measurement unit.
2 Problem Analysis 2.1 The frequency of the use of the mu is still high According to the survey results, in addition to agricultural academic journals, the remaining newspapers and periodicals use mu as the unit of land area measurement frequency is still high, abolishing the mu will be a long-term and arduous task. The reasons for the analysis are firstly influenced by traditional habits. For a long time, acres of land have been measured in acres of agricultural management, scientific research, promotion, and production. This unit is deeply rooted in people's brains. To Mu, it will reflect the size of the land area, the unit area input and the level of output, thus showing the convenience and intuitive advantages of Mu. Secondly, affected by the readers, the survey results of the above three types of publications show that the higher the proportion of farmers who use the readers in the magazine, the higher the frequency of publications.
In addition, some editors do not understand the abolition of acres. They believe that international standardization is relatively speaking. The integration with international standards does not mean the abolition of traditional units. Developed countries such as the United States and Britain also retain their own American and British units. , such as acres, feet and so on. Mu has distinctive ethnic characteristics and is in line with China's national conditions. It should be preserved in Chinese, and converted to hectares in international exchanges in English.
2.2 There have been alternative units of mu Since the mu was abolished, many agricultural periodicals have changed the mu to 666.7m2, 1/15hm2, 0.067hm2, etc. for the convenience of readers' understanding and without violating national standards. 666.7m2, this must not be done. When the reader sees these alternative units, the brain still responds to the mu, which is really changing the soup. What is more, these alternative units appear in the English catalogues and abstracts of individual publications, making it difficult for foreign readers to understand.
2.3 The self-made non-standardized units have replaced the unit of mu, and accordingly the units such as unit area yield and fertilizer amount (original kg/mu) are also self-manufactured as kg/666.7m2, kg#666.7m-2, and kg# respectively. (666.7m2)-1, kg/0.067hm2, etc., but these self-created units are not standardized, and violate the rules of use of statutory units, that is, they must not modify the unit symbol, such as abbreviation, plural form, and other descriptions. Sex mark or information (including digital information).
2.4 The lack of convenient measurement units After the implementation of household contract responsibility system in China, the farmer's land is relatively fragmented. The area of ​​cultivated land per block is relatively small, with a large area of ​​several acres, a small amount of land (land area Measure is still used in acres and cents), and there are few plots with more than 1 hectare. Agricultural science and technology journals use hectares or square meters to indicate the yield per unit area, fertilizer application amount, or density when he directs agricultural production. Because the hectare unit is too large and the square meter unit is too small, it will inevitably create obstacles for readers in understanding.
2.5 Increased the workload of editors Because the unit of measurement of the current land area is not standardized enough, causing unit confusion, the method of land area representation in the author's contribution is even more varied. Therefore, the editors must make revisions and conversions in accordance with the fixed standards of the publications during the review process, which artificially increases the editorial workload. On the other hand, some of the editor's efforts in the review process are used to modify or convert the unit, causing attention shifts, which will inevitably affect the discovery of other erroneous or inappropriate information. In order to ensure the quality of publications, editors must review Throughout the manuscript, attention has been focused on each time.
3 Recommendation 3.1 The land area measurement unit needs to be further regulated. From the analysis of the above issues, the measurement unit of China's land area is in urgent need of further standardization. It is recommended that relevant departments of the country convene a press editor, some authors, and readers representatives to conduct a major discussion on the unit of measurement of land area and seek a convenient representation. At the same time, it has increased the propaganda for the standardization of land area measurement units, and has gone out of the chaotic situation as soon as possible.
3.2 As soon as possible to stop the use of alternative units of 666.7m2mu, from a development point of view, the expression of language should be more refined, and the use of an alternative unit of MU would make the expression of the language more cumbersome, such as "average yield of 550kg/mu" (original representation). The current expression is "the average yield of 550kg per 666.7m2" (because 550kg/666.7m2 is not standardized, no comparison is made here). Others, such as fertilizing amount and density per unit area, also frequently used 666.7 m2. Obviously, the expression of 666.7 m2 is more tedious than that of the mu, and it takes up a long byte, which reduces the information capacity of the publication. On the other hand, the use of alternative units such as 666.7m2 does not meet the development needs of meeting the international standards, affecting international exchanges. Check out the authoritative international agricultural abstracts such as Field Crop Abstracts, Horticultural Abstracts, etc. They did not find any alternatives such as 666.7m2 when referring to our country's articles. Some individuals still use mu, but the annotations are attached ( 1mu=0.067ha). Therefore, instead of using alternative units such as 666.7m2, it would be better to continue using acres.

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