The world's first W6X40 low-speed ship machine was inspected by Yuchai Ship

On December 20th, the machine sounded roaring in the Yuchai ship test machine workshop, and the world's first W6X40 low-speed high-power ship was undergoing the final test. The test was successful. The ship is about 6.5 meters long, about 7 meters high and weighs about 125 tons. It will be delivered to the shipyard.
W6X40 ship engine is a low-speed high-power full-electric high-pressure common rail diesel engine newly developed by Wärtsilä. It has a power of 6810 kW and a speed of 147 rpm. It has advanced energy-saving technology and flexible selection of spray through the software control system of the host computer. Oil and exhaust valve control parameters for low fuel consumption. At the same time, the ship oil supply unit separates the fuel oil supply system and the servo oil supply system to make the stability of the main engine stronger.

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