Tianhai Synchronizer Company: Should Take More Social Responsibilities in the Face of Crises

The world financial crisis is ruthlessly impacting China’s real economy, and the auto parts industry has also been hit hard. Under such a severe situation, what should China's auto parts industry companies do is the correct choice? Lu Chao, president of Tianjin Tianhai Synchrotron Co., Ltd., said in an interview with reporters that Chinese auto parts companies, especially auto parts companies that promote national brands, Should shoulder greater social responsibility.

Adjusting the level of structure for the national growth and growth support

Lu Chao told reporters that Tianhai, as the nation’s largest and most economic and technologically strong national brand synchronizer research base, always regards “industry rejuvenates the country, repays the society” as the core of corporate culture, and independently develops multiple gaps to fill domestic gaps and reaches international standards. Advanced level, fully replace imported synchronizer new products. Tianhai can now produce more than 230 series, more than 600 varieties of synchronizer, especially the self-developed double cone, planetary row, short stroke, leveraged synchronizer and other high-end products, but also has the leading international advanced level of quality. With these high-end products, Tianhai's market has been upgraded from agricultural vehicles, light trucks, heavy trucks to high-end trucks and high-end cars; its supporting range extends from domestic cars to German, Japanese, American, and Korean cars; its customer base From more than 40 key gearboxes in China, it has developed to international famous companies such as BorgWarner, Carraro, MOBIS, Fast, etc., thus owning more than 70% of the domestic professional market, and in the international high-end market. Has occupied a place on it. In the second half of last year, the sales of auto synchronizer sales dropped by more than 30%.

In order to make greater contributions to the country's growth, Lu Chao told reporters that Tianhai will conquer the trend and strive to spend 200 million yuan within two years to build a world-class product R&D center and product technology R&D center. Product testing center and new product manufacturing workshop. Tianhai has established a strategic alliance with high-end customers to ensure a major breakthrough in high-end products and high-end applications. It quickly completed the transition from manual gearbox synchronizer to key components of automatic transmissions and hybrid transmissions. In order to become a world-class high-end auto parts product research and development base.

Gu Guju knows the overall contribution to the country's job security

In 2008, although the sales volume of Tianhai synchronizer maintained a 30% increase, it still did not reach the set target of 40% growth. In 2009, with the deceleration of export volume growth, some of the production capacity was idle and the surplus labor force was also rising. In this case, Tianhai still adheres to the "employees first" corporate values ​​and insists on no layoffs. Lu Chao admits that employment is the basis of people's livelihood. The reason why Tianhai is doing this is not only to protect the interests of employees, but also to relieve the pressure on employment in the society and make its contribution to the country's protection of employment.

Recently, Tianhai has recruited hundreds of employees to the community in the face of many difficulties in its operations. Lu Chao believes that in the face of severe employment situation, every enterprise should take into account the overall situation, know the whole, and minimize the interests of the company in exchange for maximizing social interests. The practice of dumping burdens on society in order to reduce the pressure on enterprises is an expression of unwillingness to bear social responsibility. Tianhai will never do this. What's more, there are already many favorable policies for the country, and the recovery of the auto parts industry will come faster. Once out of the trough and into the normal state, today's seemingly redundant labor will become a huge corporate wealth.

Of course, in the difficult situation, Tianhai insists on not laying off staff. It is neither a passive idler nor a passive increase of expenditure. Instead, it tries every means to create conditions and provides surplus laborers with a better opportunity to display their talents. Since last October, Tianhai has implemented three major measures for crisis management within the company: First, based on high-end, vigorously develop new products, open up new markets, and use new market increments to fill the old market's decrements to relatively saturated jobs. Quantity creates jobs for employees. Judging from the current situation, this measure has already achieved great results. The sales volume in March this year increased by 100% from the previous month and it has reached the level of the same period of last year. The second is to strengthen internal management, optimize internal resources, improve execution and work efficiency, and reduce the cost savings to make up for increased wages. The third is to improve product quality, implement “zero-defect” management, and seize the rare opportunity to reduce production pressure, and take turns to train employees on professional ethics and operational skills.

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