What is a battery explosion? what is the reason? How to prevent battery explosion?

The solid matter in any part of the battery is instantaneously discharged and pushed to a distance of more than 25 cm from the battery, which is called an explosion. To determine whether the battery exploded or not, the experiment was carried out under the following conditions: a grid was placed over the experimental battery, and the battery was in the middle, 25 cm from either side of the mesh cover. The density of the net is 6-7/cm, and the net wire is made of soft aluminum wire with a diameter of 0.25 mm. If no solid part passes through the net cover, it proves that the battery has not exploded. The reason for battery explosion is generally:
1. The design of the safety valve is unreasonable and does not play a safety role.
2. The internal pressure of the battery is too high during charging.
3, the battery has problems, for example: N / P ratio is unreasonable; do not hear the battery will explode, you will have a fear of the battery. In fact, as long as the products you use (including batteries and chargers) are qualified products, There will be no such problem.
Qualified products have been rigorously tested before leaving the factory, and there are impulse and discharge protection devices in the battery and charger, so even if one of the battery or charger has lost protection, the other one can also protect your battery. Overcharge, there will be no charging explosion phenomenon. Even if the battery and charger protection device is invalid, if you notice that the battery is very hot, immediately stop charging and send a professional inspection, it will avoid this phenomenon.
Netizens discuss the reasons for battery explosion: One way of saying:
1. Maybe your seal is too good and the chemical reaction is fierce. If there is no safety gas, it may be fried. 2. Micro-short circuit caused by burrs and dust. 3. Is it a problem with the charger?
4, is not equipped with anti-overcurrent (short circuit) with ptc 5, should be in the production process of the battery is not controlled, resulting in short circuit caused by charging and sheet expansion.
6. It may be that the battery core and the charger are in poor contact, resulting in abnormality in the charger's overcharge and discharge protection sampling (data). Personal guess, poor contact is the cause of the explosion!
7. The ambient temperature should be considered. When charging, it is very likely that the battery temperature is especially in the place of India. The poor heat dissipation between the battery and the charger causes the battery or the charger to be heated. If the battery has internal flaws, the internal short circuit may gradually become a fire. Explosion, if the charger is not good, the high temperature may also cause overcharge protection failure (provided that the battery internal protection circuit overcharge protection also fails), do not blame?
8. It may be that there is a problem with the cut-off voltage of the protection board. . . . . . Another way of saying:
1. In fact, the reason for the explosion of the battery, few companies can analyze it, most of the battery manufacturers are saying, find a reason that meets the needs of themselves and customers.
2, can not find the reason is better, remember to write a report must insist that the explosion is an accident, upstairs this is the right way!!!!
3. If you can discuss the problem of the explosion here, I am afraid that anyone can make a battery. What is the biggest flaw in lithium battery now? Oh - hard!
4, the capacity of the lithium battery is still not too large, in order to prevent the explosion into an offensive weapon! ! !

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