Why is the truck bumper cold? It can prevent the rear-end car from drilling into the bottom of the truck

The bumper bumper at the rear of the lorry, though unobtrusive, is important, which is necessary to prevent the car from rear-end crash into the rear of the lorry. However, the reality is that some trucks do not have such safety facilities for various reasons, which threatens the safety of each car and driver immediately following it.

Truck crash bar attention

In the early morning of August 20th, in the Xiuxiang Avenue in Nanning City, a large sedan was rear-ended on a car and the driver died on the spot (this newspaper reported on August 21). The tragic accident caused many car owners to reflect on it. However, from this incident, the role of the crash bar on the rear of the truck and the installation of the car also caused special concern to the riders.

On August 21, in a large truck parking lot on Wuyi West Road in Nanning City, some truck drivers talked about the problem of the truck rack.

Li Binji, an individual transportation driver, said that the anti-collision bar of the truck can only play a certain degree of buffering effect. Some speeding cars, especially on the expressway, have speeds of more than 100 km/hour if they happen. After the rear-end collision, the hardened anti-collision bar will not provide protection.

Liu Yi, an individual freight driver with seven years of truck driving experience, analyzed the rear-end accidents of cars and large trucks from a technical point of view. In his view, the front of the sedan is generally composed of windshields and A, B two columns, there is no strong support point. The rider's sitting height plus the height of the car's chassis is just about the height of the freight car. Once in a rear-end collision, the truck does not have a bumper bumper, and the car will enter the chassis of the truck. The driver's head is stuck between the carriage and the seat of the car. The steering wheel is on the front of the chest. The driver is easily stuck and the chance of survival is low. .

Reporters visited and found that some trucks in Nanning are missing installation of anti-collision bars. In some new cars, new owners have just removed the anti-collision bar. This situation is worrying.


Anti-collision rod installation regulations

The bumper bumper at the rear of the truck is so important. Does the country have any regulations to regulate it?

The person in charge of the vehicle management department in Nanning said that China has long had mandatory regulations for the tailgate protection device. The “Technical Regulations on the Operational Safety of Motor Vehicles”, which was formally implemented in October 2005, requires trucks and trailers with a total mass of more than 3.5 tons, and the lower part must be equipped with protective devices. The rear crash bar of the truck shall not be greater than 55 cm from the ground. Adjustable tail bumper bumper must not be larger than 45 cm. This device will now be fully equipped with all trucks, including protective devices on both sides.

In the interview, the reporter found that the country’s regulations have been fully implemented on the commodity vehicles produced by automobile manufacturers. On the afternoon of August 20th, in the “Yuyu×” commercial vehicle sales point of Anji Road in Nanning City, the reporter saw a large-tonnage commercial vehicle produced by a commercial vehicle company in Liuzhou. Although its chassis was not loaded, it was installed at the rear. A solid bumper bumper with red and white reflective paint. According to the on-site sales personnel, in accordance with national regulations, commercial vehicles should be equipped with bumper bumpers on the factory, and the exterior must be painted with red and white reflective paint to ensure a good view of the rear vehicle.

Many large commercial vehicle sales points along Anji Road in Nanning, the reporters have found that many manufacturers of mainstream brands have installed bumper bumpers in advance for large trucks leaving the factory, and the material is more resistant to deformation and extrusion. The channel steel.

Life Protection Bumper

Truck drivers do not love

Before the delivery of the goods vehicles, there are bumper bumpers installed in the factory. Vehicles undergo annual inspections, and the vehicle management department also conducts strict inspections. However, many car drivers report that most of the trucks on the road are not equipped with bumper bumpers. This is in the end. what reason?

After interviewing some truck drivers, the reporter found the answer. Chen Guangfa is a truck driver of the Nanning X Yitu Transport Company. In his view, the bumper bumper of the truck is thick enough and hard enough to ensure that the trolley will play a role in the rear-end collision. However, such a bumper crash bar must be heavy. . “Which driver is willing to pull a piece of steel from day to night? The body is heavy, and the quantity of goods loaded must be reduced accordingly. This not only increases fuel consumption, but also reduces the transport of goods. As a result, the economic burden on the low-profit transportation industry increases. The general car passed the annual inspection, some drivers were demolished, and more drivers chose to use a light and thin angle iron, and they could be installed one by one to meet the traffic police's road surface inspection,” said Chen Guangfa.

In the interview, some truck drivers also stated that after installing the bumper bumper, the clearance of the tailgate of the truck became smaller, which became an important reason why many truck drivers chose not to install or refit the bumper bumper. On the evening of August 21, at a construction site in Fengling, Nanning, large trucks filled with mud blocks entered and exited. The car was like a moving small fortress, but almost every car had no bumper bumper installed.

While waiting for the workers to put mud into the gap, the reporter spoke to the dump truck driver. "Why don't you have a bumper bumper?" In response to a reporter's question, the dump truck driver replied: "What did you do with that thing? This bumper bumper rod is so low, and the road on the construction site is so rotten. When they get up, they both smash. The lorries that ran through the road were loaded with bumper bumpers. They were also installed when the car was bought, but the actual car conditions are limited and are now removed.”

Modified casual

Install only for coping with inspections

In the interview, many sedan drivers reported that although many trucks were equipped with bumper bumpers, they appeared to be very thin. There was only a thin steel plate that really hit it like a straw. The same weakness, nothing fundamental protection. Where do these bumper bumpers look?

Anji Automobile Market in Nanning, a brand truck salesman told reporters in-house, if you want to install low bumper prices can pass the relevant inspection of the bumper bumper, in some car installation plant can get this service. In a car modification plant on the side of Anji Avenue, the unit price of the salesperson for the bumper bumper of the truck is 280 yuan, and the material is channel steel. When the reporter said that it was too expensive, the salesman immediately stated that, of course, there are also cheaper, 150 yuan a pair, but the material is much worse, much lighter weight, is made by the middle hollow angle welded. Looking at the reporter's face hesitated, the sales staff persuaded that the bumper bumper was only for coping and inspection, and it could be, it was not strong, and it was light and the car was easy to walk.

At the scene, the owner of a dump truck who is refitting the bumper bumper said that to buy a light and thin anti-collision bar, it is possible to cope with the inspection. Secondly, the dump truck has to use a tipping bucket and it is easy to unload the goods. The bad crash bar is now installed at a low cost, and the damage is not distressed. Third, his current trucks are insured. Even if they were rear-ended by the sedan, most of them were sentenced to full responsibility. Therefore, it does not matter which anti-collision bar is installed. For this reason, some light and thin bumper bumpers are so popular with truck drivers.

Avoid rear-end

Rely mainly on safe driving

In view of many drivers, in addition to relying on the role of hardware in avoiding accidents, it is even more important for drivers to have a sense of safe driving.

Mr. Zhang, a truck driver who has been engaged in trucking for many years, thinks: “The best protection device is just 'passive safety' and what we want is 'active safety'. No matter how the car is changed, people’s driving habits do not change. It will not be less. Driving slowly, focusing on one point, many accidents will be avoided. Obeying the traffic rules is the right way to drive safely, and on this basis, we will do more comprehensive preventive measures and be more perfect."

According to Ms. Zeng, Nanning’s Che You, it is necessary to avoid the tragic accidents caused by the rear-end trucks. First, the truck safety facilities must be complete. For example, reflective signs and bumper bumpers must be installed, but it is even more critical not to have drivers. Illegal speeding and fatigue driving can reduce accidents caused by rear-end vans.

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